What’s a Home Actually Worth?

It’s easy to look up how much money you have in your savings account or the real-time value of your stock investments. But determining the dollar value of a home is more complex, especially when you are a mortgage loan officer. When trying to determine a property’s worth, you need to be able to valueContinue reading “What’s a Home Actually Worth?”

How Does a Home Renovation Loan Work?

Wondering, ‘How does a home renovation loan work?’ You’re not alone. In fact, one study shows that home remodeling searches more than doubled from 2020 to 2021. More and more people are considering renovating their homes, but not everyone has the cash on hand to do so. Enter the home renovation loan. What is aContinue reading “How Does a Home Renovation Loan Work?”

3 Major Reasons To Buy A Home This Holiday Season

If you are ready to buy a home this holiday season but haven’t yet ventured into house hunting, I have some compelling information for you to consider. Just because the winter months aren’t typically the busiest time of year in the real estate market doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy or sell a home. Although lowContinue reading “3 Major Reasons To Buy A Home This Holiday Season”

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