3 Major Reasons To Buy A Home This Holiday Season

1. Lower Prices

“Over the last decade, the median home price on average falls close to 10% from its peak in June to its seasonal low in January of the following year. On a median-priced home, you could be saving more than $30,000 if you’re willing to deal with less choices in the second half of the year.” – Ruben Gonzalez, KWRI Chief Economist

Take this for an example – if a home outside your price range didn’t sell over the summer or fall, there’s a good chance that the listing price will decrease and put that same property within reach for your budget. For first time home buyers, house hunting during the winter may seem less intimidating and stressful without the high price points that we’ve seen over the last two seasons.

2. Sellers are potentially more motivated

For example, think of how much you have going on between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. If you were on the other side of the negotiating table, you’d hardly think that a busy holiday season was the best time to sell. Seller’ that are serious about selling their property must keep their home clean and available, often on short notice, during a busy time that may include hosting friends and family for holiday gatherings, wrapping presents, and decorating.

While you shouldn’t assume that every seller in the holiday market is under financial stress, you should know that the majority of sellers may want to avoid the hassles of moving during the winter months, and that could lead to you scoring your dream home for much less than during the warmer months.

3. Less Competition

No matter the season, you can count on me

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